A Mother’s Love

How many of us have ever stop for a second, to imagine and be in our mother’s shoes for one moment?. There is such an unconditional love that comes from our mother, the most powerful bond a human being could ever have, is from a mother to her child, doesn’t matter how old we become, in our mother’s eyes, we will always be the beings that were born and raised by her.

For most of us who have been lucky enough to have our mother’s growing up, being nurtured and guided by her, there is something truly extraordinary about mothers dedicating their lives, day by day from the moment we are born.

Let’s think about it, someone who is our number one cheerleader, who has that human connection with us, that wants to see us succeed in life more than anyone else and that will care for us every day of our lives, by nature.

I was lucky enough to have a one of a kind mother, an incredible woman who raised my 3 siblings and I (me being her first child) and treating my father with so much love and respect, I loved seeing the way my parents loved each other and protected our family.

Of course life was not perfect, there was stress growing up as a family of six in Lima, Peru, yet we were rich when it came to love, we had fun as a family and I must say, a mother is the centre, the heart of a family, my mom was a strong woman, very caring and involved on every single scholar or sport activity of each one of the four of us, truly remarkable.

Although It has been in adulthood that the true appreciation for her dedication hit me, year after year since my mother’s passing when I turn 21 years old that the admiration for her and the way she raised us continues to grow as years pass, only stronger.

To anyone who might have a rift or misunderstanding with their mothers for whatever reason, I can only say, put aside any differences and say two words to your mom: Thank You.

Also remind her how much you love and appreciate everything she does and has done for you, it is a lifetime of dedication adding the fact that she brought you to this earth and gave you life.

A diamond is strong, grows under pressure to ultimately, shine brighter than anything else, just like all women around the world and specially the moms.

A Mother’s Love