Hollywood Movies - 5 Iconic Jewels

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I wanted to share a little bit of history about some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever shown on the big screen.

1. Titanic: "The Heart of the Ocean"

Director James Cameron created the necklace named "Heart of the Ocean", famously worn by Kate Winslet in the unforgettable scene where she is being painted by Leonardo Di Caprio.

In the movie, the stunning blue jewel was said to be a 56 carats "heart shaped" blue diamond with an 18" chain covered entirely by white diamonds (click here to watch the scene). But did you know that the actual necklaces used in the film were entirely made of blue and white Cubic Zirconia (fashion jewelry)?

After the film’s success, Asprey & Garrard (now House of Garrard) were commissioned to create an authentic Heart of the Ocean necklace. This time, the piece included a 171-carat heart-shaped exquisite Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds. The necklace was valued for up to $20 million at auction and worn by Celine Dion at the Oscars ceremony in 1998.

This is probably one of the most celebrated, iconic and replicated Hollywood movie jewelry pieces of all times.

2. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days: "Isadora Necklace"

In many cases, a piece of jewelry in a movie is a character on its own. This is the case of the unforgettable and breathtaking yellow diamond necklace worn by Kate Hudson’s character, Andie Anderson, on this 2003 film.

This necklace had an impressive 84ct yellow diamond pendant called “Isadora” (named after Isadora Duncan in the movie) worth between $5M – $6M. Designed by Harry Winston, the piece sold shortly after filming to an undisclosed customer.

I personally love this movie as two of the subject matters have to do with magazine editorials and diamonds in general.

To watch one of the funniest scenes in the movie featuring this stunning diamond necklace, click here and enjoy.

3. Moulin Rouge: "Nicole Kidman's Satine Necklace"

The Satine Necklace from Moulin Rouge, worn by Nicole Kidman and designed by Stefano Canturi — is estimated to be worth $3 million and is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever created for a movie.

Because of it's value, a “stunt double jewel” made of silver and crystals with a magnetic clasp was made for the intense scene when the necklace is ripped off Nicole’s neck.

The actual making of the jewel was a couture process. It took three months of regular fittings and was hand crafted in 18K white gold using traditional techniques, set with a total of 134 carats of diamonds. The largest stone was a 5-carat emerald cut diamond. A 2.5-carat cabochon-cut Sri Lankan blue sapphire accented the clasp. In total, the necklace weighed 426 grams with a total 1,308 diamonds.

This piece is a true celebration of jewelry design and artistry. Click here to watch my favorite scene of the movie.

4. Sex & The City: "Carrie's Engagement Ring"

This is a prime example of the power of Hollywood movies and their influence in setting jewelry trends, specially when featured in movies such as SEX & THE CITY.

When Mr. Big finally presents Carrie with an engagement ring, a proposal years in the making, the jewel is totally unique. He says “because you are not like anyone else” as he gives her a 5-carat black diamond set in a white diamond and 18K white gold ring. The Italy Malkin jewel was chosen from countless designs by Michael Patrick King (writer and director), Sara Jessica Parker and, of course, Pat Field (stylist of Sex & The City).

This movie scene made such a statement and certainly started the trend of "Black Diamonds" for the years to come, making them chic and ultra desirable worldwide. Click here to experience the scene.

5. Maid In Manhattan: "JLO's Harry Winston Diamonds"

In the 2002 "Maid in Manhattan" film, Jennifer Lopez brought us a modern version of the Cinderella magical night with the prince.

The story was captivating yet we all remember the impactful jewels worn by JLO, which were the Wristwreath necklace and diamond stud earrings from Harry Winston. In my opinion, this set of jewels became one of the most memorable pieces in modern movie history.

These iconic pieces are part of the HW signature design, known as the Winston Cluster. Designed in the 1940s, this striking motif features pear, marquise and round brilliant diamonds set at varying angles to create sculptural, highly-dimensional designs that capture the light from all directions. Truly unique, opulent and brilliant from every angle. Click here to watch this magical scene from the movie.

Hollywood Movies - 5 Iconic Jewels